Breakthrough Psychological Solutions PLLC

Kara & Jerry Coaching, a Breakthrough Psychological Solutions PLLC subsidiary, offers services that can help take your organization and its employees to higher levels of human empowerment and performance. Is teamwork lacking at your company or is infighting and discontent taking away from employee productivity? Or do you have a great team that you want to take to the next level? 

We provide the following consulting services:

Corporate Stress Assessment and Crisis Intervention

Diversity & Cultural Sensitivity Training

Performance & Leadership Coaching & Training

Crisis Negotiations for Businesses

Staffing/Employee Hiring

Healthy Work-Life Balance

Personnel Motivation

Team Building Coaching

Preventing Workplace Violence/Bullying

Employee Development Programming

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership designed to help you achieve success.  We use the KII® influence indicator to help you look in the mirror and determine what is needed to be more influential. We discuss your actions and inactions that are preventing you from your full potential professionally and personally. We have several options for you to choose to meet your goals.

Why Hire a Coach?

You are not required to hire a coach. You can continue your current path alone or hire a coach who can help you learn more about the actions and inactions that are preventing you from reaching your goals. As your coach I am a professionally trained unbiased individual who will use your KII® influence indicator report combined with questions from our sessions to help you see yourself. Coaching will not make you someone you are not. Coaching is about helping you leverage your strengths to lessen your challenges. We also discuss how you can adjust your actions/inactions to become more influential. As coach, I support you and hold you accountable in working toward your goals. Together we develop a plan to adjust how you respond to others and increase your influence.

What is the KII?

  • The KII® Model builds clients' influence
  • Measure client's Seven Influence Traits®
  • Your self-awareness climbs greatly when you have access to this quality insight and information about yourself.
  • The KII® gives you a starting point. It points to what barriers, what strengths you need to maximize, and the blind spots you need to get clear on.

Why should I hire a KII certified partner?

  • Personal coaching will help you identify areas that need awareness then action.
  • We partner with you to realize your goals using the best course of action.
  • We are trained to give you the tools to get the most benefit from your KII® report.

What Should I Expect in my Coaching Sessions?

  1. Coaching sessions are typically about an hour bi-weekly, via phone or video conferencing.
  2. Prior to your first coaching session you will complete on-line your assessment to review where you are on influence. (This takes about 30 minutes)
  3. You leave each session with actions to keep you moving toward your goals between sessions.  


"The KII® is the Fitbit® of Influence."
- Mary Foley, Former AOL Head of Corporate training

Ready to increase your influence? Email us at or call 409-344-3581 to discuss your future.