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Need a divorce, but don't need the chaos, conflict, and outrageous price of attorney fees and court costs? Worried about the psychological damage to your children resulting from a bitter custody fight? Divorce mediation provides a quick and inexpensive means of reaching a divorce agreement without the normal fighting and stress associated with typical divorce litigation. Our mediators specialize in divorce mediation.

Why hire Breakthrough Psychological Solutions as your divorce mediator?

  • You want a neutral and professional third party
  • We will guide you through the process of reaching a divorce agreement that is acceptable to the courts
  • You want an uncontested divorce
  • You don't want the drama and hassle of the court system
  • You are an adult who can make better decisions about your life and children than a judge who does not know you

For a free phone consultation call 409-344-3581. In the consultation we will explain the mediation process, review costs, and schedule a mediation time.



Want to avoid divorce altogether but unsure how to make things work out? Finding it difficult to get along get along with your partner? Or just have a few specific issues you and your partner can't seem to agree on? Try marital mediation. Benefit from a neutral third party as we walk through a quick, and often fun, problem-solving process designed to help reach agreement and mutual satisfaction. Many issues can be resolved in as little as one session!

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